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Informational Items

  • CS Capstone – Austin was able to find a project team that’s working with Prof. Louis so he won’t be working with us.

  • Here’s Timur’s presentation for monday’s pitch night. Please review

  • 10/10 – 5:30pm – Garden 5 -SutainaCider – Anyone going?

    • Stef & Timur


Discussion for Everyone

  • Base room – E316

  • Facebook Message on the ESWB page – what are we going to do about that?

    • Angela – bring up Facebook messages/posts

Upcoming Schedule (~20 min)

  • 10/7 – 5pm – E316 – Project Pitch Night

    • Yiqi: Contact Mary Lane asap about Pitch Night email

    • Matt, do we have the two international project applications ready

      • Preston: Zambia

      • DR application is done

    • Ricky, do we have the local projects application ready

      • Work on something tonight, ask if they have questions tomorrow

    • Local Projects

      • Engineering Education

      • Composting

      • IMPACT

  • 10/19 – Time:TBA – Lawn Room 13 – Tailgating on the Lawn

    • Food: Angela

      • Main course – Zazu’s

      • Sign-up sheets for exec to bring sides

      • Google poll – feel free to bring friends

    • Spreadsheet

      • food

      • games: cornhole, slackline, volleyball, lawn games, etc.

  • 10/21 – Local project interviews, no general meeting

  • 10/28 – Alisha, Yiqi, updates on event for that week — Little Devices Lab person cannot make it personally, but suggested and

  • — thoughts?

    • reverse engineer something?

    • openIDEO challenge

    • LeeAnn: send Dr. Sia info to Yiqi

Other Things (~10 min)

  • Darden Court Poster

    • Timur – get poster done by 10/16

    • When?

      • Angela – send out a when-to-meet poll for a bunch of weekends

  • Newsletter – paragraphs due by Friday Oct 11

    • Timur: opening from the President

    • Ricky: Local Project paragraph – focus on new projects and projects that carried over

    • Angela: Nicaragua project paragraph

    • Matt: DR and Zambia paragraphs

    • Stef: Indiegogo blurb

  • Indiegogo Updates

    • Documents uploaded under Indiegogo folder in Exec folder

    • Need to figure out the exact funding process for ESWB

      • Sent emails to Partner Support and Breanna, waiting on reply

      • Otherwise, we’re ready to go (funding doesn’t come into play until later in the process anyways)

    • Include an Indiegogo blurb on our newsletter

    • Include Indiegogo in the Scoping Doc instructions – think about funding for the project and a written pitch, look at campaigner field guide (in the folder)

    • Stefanie and Angela, could we get a campaign up and running by the end of the month?

      • Edit the video

      • Start putting together a written pitch

      • Angela – put Stefanie in touch with whoever will take on the Indiegogo side of things

      • Once Nica is ready to go, I’ll start publicizing Indiegogo a lot (Facebook, weekly emails, button on our website, etc.)

  • Videos – Alisha

    • “Why do we do it?” Engineering video contest

    • winners get money o:

    • Submit two videos?

    • Get information from EStud

  • Steven – Taft applications? None yet

Exec Meeting Minutes: 09-22-2013

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