Exec Meeting Minutes: 27 March 2016


Monday, Mar. 28: Student Faculty Dinner @ Newcomb South Meeting Room (5:00pm) Topics for conversation: researching topics of interest, large data, getting involved in research, academic vs. industry, Zika Virus, pedagogy styles John pick up Sticks Nametags Attire: Business casual Wednesday, Apr. 6: Deloitte Impact Day @ OLS 011 (6:00pm) Ben take the lead with… Read more »

Exec Meeting Minutes: 13 March 2016


Thursday, Mar. 15th: E-Week root beer floats (3:00pm) Giving out pint glasses Take pictures and tag people on Facebook, get publicity for ESWB Clean the pints Get napkins, spoons, ice cream scoop   Monday, Mar. 28th: Student Faculty Dinner Send reminder emails UVA dining vs Sticks Rachel, Naveed work on publicity Drew, Reesh order food… Read more »

Exec Meeting Minutes: 21 February 2016


Monday, Feb. 22nd: SAHA Global 20 min. Program, Path, Future 10 min: Q&A 10 min: Social Order Mellow Send out e-mail to Mary Lane   Tuesday, Feb. 23rd: Poverty Inc. Screening Send out blurbs Storing/ transporting snacks? April’s car Organizations notified; send reminders?   Monday, Feb. 29th: Elections Look at Ben’s e-mail w/ candidate form,… Read more »

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