Exec Meeting Minutes: 01/25/2015


1/25 exec agenda Reflections: Semester Potluck @ Open Grounds, IdeaMixer 1/26, 5pm, THN E316 – Semester Kick Off – Intro and Kate Clopeck (ESWB alum, Saha Global) See powerpoint We need to publicize (Facebook statuses, emails, personally reaching out, any other ideas?) Reesh, are the t-shirts ready? 1/31, 7pm, Steven’s room – Duke game watching… Read more »

Exec Meeting Minutes: 01/11/2015


Agenda for 1/11/2015 01/12 – ESWB Spring Semester Potluck, Open Grounds, 5pm Fill out spreadsheet here Alexis and Matt – can you send out an email to team leaders? Who can pick up utensils/other supplies from Newcomb? 01/19 – MLK Holiday, No School, No ESWB Meeting 01/22 (Thursday) – IDEAMixer @ OpenGrounds Alexis and Matt,… Read more »

Exec Meeting Minutes: 11/30/2014


11/30/2014 Have all the thank you cards for research panelists been given out? 12/01 – End of the Semester Symposium, Erns Commons Catering- all ready to go Reesh? Hot Cakes or Panera? (Wilson driving if not delivered) Have teams submitted their slides? Whose laptops are we using? Wilson, Ben – any projectors? 5 projectors from… Read more »

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