Exec Meeting Minutes: 04-13-2014


04/13/14 Agenda for 4/13 Upcoming Events Tomorrow, 4/14 – Garden Party Ben, John – food all set Ben and John figure out food pickup times Ben ordered from Cane’s pickup at McCormick bridge – grab iced tea & cups Yiqi – is GDO coming just emailed them… we don’t know Anyone have nametags? (for the… Read more »

Exec Meeting Minutes: 04-06-2014


04/06/14 Recap – How was the hike? Upcoming Schedule 4/14 – Garden Party, Garden IX, 5 pm Combine with GDO/others – Yiqi reach out to GDO Some sort of activity/game – Reesh & Ben What’s the purpose? celebrate team successes 4/19 – Earth week – composting/gardens team build day 11AM at the Garden 4/20 –… Read more »

Exec Meeting Minutes: 03-30-2014


03/30/14 Recap – How was Living On One Dollar? E week? Hack Cville? Living On One Dollar people were there not ESWB people publicize through teams During ESWB time Reminder email E week E-Stud bought all the chocolate We have some leftover Hack Cville Potential backup space if we need a project space Project pitch… Read more »

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