Exec Meeting Minutes: 30 August 2015


Project Applications Opening on Mon. 9/28 Closing on Fri. 10/2 Interviewing process up to team leaders Date for announcing teams?   Monday 9/7: Garden Party [Reesh] Food, utensils   Saturday 9/12: Tailgate 12:30PM [Reesh] table, food, utensils   Monday 9/14: Rachel’s Problem ID Talk [Ben] – book room Get slides [Stef, Alexis, April, Wilson]  … Read more »

Exec Meeting Minutes: 23 August 2015


Activities Fair 11-2, Expo Shifts Insert map Between: help move stuff early E-mail addresses Excel for laptops/ ipads Mailchimp/ notepad for phones No flyers WEAR T-SHIRTS Wilson: 11-2 Angela: 2-3:30 Kunrui: 1-2:30 John: Expo Alexis: ???, set up, tear down April: 12:30-1:45 Naveed: can’t Stef: 12-2       Interest meeting next Monday!!! Spotlight 1 international, 1 local 1… Read more »

Exec Meeting Minutes: 26 April 2015


27 April: Symposium Who has car? 3:35p pickup: food & projectors Louis: projectors Everyone else: Show up at 4:30 & Bring laptops Katie, Wilson: Cords Alisha: Cord from stack VGA adapters? Presentations on google drive Neonatal: Use last year’s + CJIU Local: Biogas Track down wheelchair ramps Leon: not presenting April: contacted 3 teams, waiting… Read more »

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