Exec Meeting Minutes: 08-31-2014


08/31/14 Ben – update on our finances Ask about opening or closing account fees See if we need to keep local/international project accounts open Investigate interest How do they determine what money goes where? Can we access investment? Crowdfunding for projects? Revisit in a month Monday 9/1 Interest Meeting, 5pm Thornton E316 What are our… Read more »

Exec Meeting Minutes: 08-24-2014


08/24/14 Exec meetings – Sundays 8PM, Lawn Room 20 How were the international projects? Nica! Upcoming schedule Tomorrow – Fall activities fair See the sign-up sheet Where to get and return materials from/to? Enough smartphones/tablets? Who is helping move from Activities fair to SEAS expo? Things to talk about Interest meeting Community development Projects Social… Read more »

Boston Reflections


In May of 2014, five ESWB exec members traveled to Boston, Massachusetts to attend the 2014 Humanitarian Technology Conference. During the conference, we met many humanitarian experts and fellow students who have found ways to turn their technical skills towards humanitarian issues with incredible results. We are incredibly excited to develop the relationships we have… Read more »

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