Exec Meeting Minutes: 03/29/2015


03/29/2015 Monday, March 30th, Elections, 5pm, Thornton E303 Please be on time…we will need to keep things moving What should we do to keep people involved if they don’t win? (there are definitely more people running than positions) Exec transition planning Monday, April 6th – Meeting ideas? Exec training? Deloitte Event? Angela: explain and discussion… Read more »

Exec Meeting Minutes: 03/01/2015


Reflection: Skype with Dartmouth, Majors Night (ESC just hosted one as well!) 03/02 – 5pm THN E316 – Soldering Workshop Steven, any updates? Anything you need help with? Wilson bring a power strip Reesh, can you advertise? 03/09 – Spring Break 03/15 – exec meeting. Please try to make it back to Cville for a… Read more »

Exec Meeting Minutes: 02/08/2015


Reflections: open exec meeting provide more background the future 2/9 – 5pm, THN E316 -TED Talk Ben prep blurb & Talk description Stef update email Reesh & Wilson get Canes 2/16 – 5pm, THN E316 – Meeting with Dartmouth Angela, test calling technology 2/21, Kid*Vention, 10am-4pm – Engineering Education team in charge Double check blurb… Read more »

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